Cops gas, ‘goons’ charge at EWU students

Cops gas, ‘goons’ charge at EWU students

Dhaka, Aug 6 (Just News): Police lobbed tear gas shells on agitating students of East West University at Rampura today.

A tense situation was prevailing, last reported around 12:00noon, with police, apparently teaming up with some stick-wielding youths stood against the students near their campus.

Several canisters of tear gas were lobbed to break the students who had declared to agitate at Rampura in solidarity with countrywide protests today, over demands of safe roads.

A teacher of East West University sought anonymity said, several students have been injured in the “attack carried out by police and ruling party men”.

According to him, students and teachers alike were held up inside the campus premises with police and stick-wielding goons parading past their gates.

For the last two days, brute action has been taken against agitating students. Police and stick-wielding forces merged together to flatten the students everywhere.

Yesterday, peak action was seen at Science Lab-Jhigatola where these two forces teamed up and mauled general Dhaka University students demanding justice.

It is all a sequel to students agitating for demand of safe roads after two college students were killed on July 29 – victims of reckless driving – on Airport Road.

Since then, Dhaka and rest of the country have been rocked by wave of protests, which, last Saturday, faced stiff opposition of ruling party men and police.