15 fall sick, more teachers join fast till death

15 fall sick, more teachers join fast till death

Dhaka, Jan 4 (Just News): Some 15 more teachers fell sick as the non-MPO teachers and employees continued fast till death programme for the fourth day demanding MPO facilities on Wednesday.

A total of 71 teachers and employees fell sick since the fast till death programme that started on 31 December. Meanwhile, more teachers joined the programme.

The agitating teachers led by the Federation of Teachers and Employees of Non-MPO Educational Institutions said they are ready to sacrifice their lives untill their demands are met.

As their demands went unheard from the demonstration beginning on 26 December, the agitators declared a fast till death programme on 31 December.

Federation general secretary Binay Bhushan Roy said they would continue fasting till the prime minister promises to meet their demands.

Earlier on 2 January, education minister Nurul Islam Nahid urged them to postpone the protest. But, the agitated teachers and employees rejected his proposal due to the lack of any specific ‘time frame’ to solve their problems.

On Wednesday morning, most of the agitators were seen lying on the footpath in front of the National Press Club.

In the afternoon, the number of participants from different areas of the country increased.

Md. Sanwar Hossain, a teacher at a school at Shahjadpur, Sirajganj said his school did not get any government support since its foundation in 1999.

There are 5,242 approved non-MPO institutions with around 80,000 employees.