Jobseekers demand cancellation of tests of 8 banks

Jobseekers demand cancellation of tests of 8 banks

Dhaka, Jan 14 (Just News): A good number of candidates on Sunday demonstrated on the Dhaka streets demanding last Friday's recruitment tests at eight state-owned banks be cancelled as they alleged there had been scores of irregularities.

At noon, they were demonstrating on the Dhaka University campus. Around 10:30am, they first gatehred in front of the Bangladesh Bank. Later, they moved to the National Press Club and from there they went to the DU campus.

Rohidul Islam, one of the demonstrators, said, "The authorities are saying only one centre had a problem. But in reality, unfair means were adopted at most of the centres. At some centres, students got the questions late while at some places they got it earlier. No way the bests could be evaluated this way."

The students demanded the examinations be held again, ensuring the best practices.

In recent times, recruitment tests and public examinations have been plagued by massive irregularities, particularly leaks of question papers, often denied by authorities concerned.