Rahul hugs Modi in surprise move

Rahul hugs Modi in surprise move

New Delhi, July 20 (Just News): India’s top opposition leader Rahul Gandhi today surprised Prime Minister Narendra Modi with a hug in the Lok Sabha, the lower House of parliament, after launching a blistering attack on him alleging corruption to the tune of Rs 45,000 crore in the purchase of fighter jets from France.

After the no-holds barred and scathing criticism of Modi on several issues including the Rafale jet deal during the debate on the opposition-sponsored no-trust motion, Rahul, President of Congress party, walked across the green-carpeted well of the Lok Sabha to Modi and hugged him, a gesture which took all lawmakers by surprise.

Modi initially appeared taken aback by Rahul’s gesture and did not stand up to hug him but recovered quickly and called Gandhi back and patted him on the back with a smile. He also said a few words to Rahul, which were inaudible.

BJP MPs sitting just behind Modi watched the Rahul’s hug open-mouthed.

Rahul’s unexpected gesture quickly became a favoured video clip for television channels and became viral on the social media.

"This is what it means to be a Hindu," Rahul said after returning to his seat amid applause from Congress lawmakers, including his mother Sonia Gandhi and other leaders present who heartily thumped their desks.