Journalists demand immediate arrest of attackers

Journalists demand immediate arrest of attackers

Dhaka, Aug 7 (Just News): Journalists on Tuesday formed human chain protesting at attacks on their fellows covering the ongoing student protests demanding safe roads.

At the human chain at SARRC Fountain in Karwan Bazar area in the capital, they also warned to launch tougher programmes if the government failed to arrest the attackers within the next 72 hours.

They strongly condemned indiscriminate attacks on journalists by unruly youths in the capital’s Jigatala and Science Laboratory areas on Sunday while taking snaps of an attack on protesting students.

The Editors’ Council on Monday in a statement said, ‘Nearly two dozen photojournalists and reporters of newspapers and TV channels were physically assaulted including one from AP [The Associated Press] and a freelance photographer who were mercilessly beaten up, by stick wielding activists in the presence of police who did nothing to protect journalists who were carrying out their professional work.’