Utpal does not know who abducted him

Utpal does not know who abducted him

Dhaka, Dec 20 (Just News): Journalist Utpal Das, found over two months since his abduction, said he does not know who picked him up.

Bhulta police line inspector Shaidul Islam recovered Utpal Das from Adhuria Shahjalal CNG Station area in Narayanganj around 12am Wednesday night. His family rushed to the Bhulta police line at 2:30am on Wednesday upon hearing the news.

Utpal Das at the police line said, "I was dropped here after I was driven around blindfolded in a vehicle for three or four hours. I don't know anything else. While dropping me off, they told me to untie my eyes only after they had driven. I was roaming around at the CNG station area when Bhulta police line inspector Shahidul Islam rescued me. By this time, my journalist colleagues had contacted him."

Utpal said, "I was abducted from in front of Star Kabab in Dhanmondi at noon. I did not see anybody when I was picked up. Later I was confined in a tin shed. Food was passed to me from under the door three times a day. I had to stay on the floor as there was no bed there. There was an attached bathroom and I could bathe."
In the beginning my abductors would slap me. They told me I had a lot of money and told me to give them my money. They took away my mobile phone. They switched on the phone and talked," Utpal added.

He avoided replying as to whether they were professional abductors.

Utpal, a senior correspondent of online news portal purboposhchimbd.news, went missing after leaving his office on 10 October.-Prothom Alo