Extrajudicial killings on in anti-narcotics’ name: BNP

Extrajudicial killings on in anti-narcotics’ name: BNP

Dhaka, May 21 (Just News): BNP on Monday alleged that the government has been 'indulging in extrajudicial killings' in the name of a countrywide anti-narcotics drive.

Speaking at an iftar party, BNP secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir urged the government to first arrest those ruling party men involved in drug peddling.

"A fresh drive to control narcotics has begun. We also want the country to be freed from drug abuse and those involved in it to be brought to justice. But it doesn't mean people would be killed unlawfully without any trial," Fakhrul said.

He further said, "It's surely a good initiative that you're carrying out a drive against narcotics. But you first arrest the drug peddlers in your own party and take action against them."

The BNP leader alleged that Abdur Rahman Bodi MP of Cox's Bazar's Teknaf has been running drug trade as he was released on bail from jail. "Not only him, but also many other ruling party men at almost every place are involved in this business."

He said the way the government is now killing people in crossfires, the same it killed many opposition leaders and activists in the past unlawfully.

The BNP secretary general said the government has kept their chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia in jail unlawfully in 'false cases'.

He also said the Attorney General is creating obstacle towards getting bail from the High Court in the 'false cases' filed against her.

Fakhrul said the current government is ruining the country's economy by indulging in widespread corruption and plundering. "They're looting huge money in the name of mega projects."
He urged all to get united to restore democracy and people's rights by ensuring the fall of the current government. "It'll be difficult to protect the country's existence if we fail to dislodge the monstrous government."

Khelafat Majlish, one of the components of the BNP-led 20-party alliance, arranged the iftar at a hotel in the city's Jatiya Krira Parishad Bhaban.

Top leaders of the 20-party alliance joined the iftar.

Prior to the iftar, a munajat was offered seeking divine blessings for Khaleda's early recovery and her release from jail.