Alleges BNP mayor candidate

Cops from Khulna deployed for Khulna style election

Cops from Khulna deployed for Khulna style election

Dhaka, Jun 24 (Just News): BNP-nominated Gazipur City Corporation (GCC) mayor candidate Hassan Uddin Sarkar today alleged that policemen of Khulna range are being deployed in a bid to conduct a "Khulna model election" in the city.

Sarkar came up with the allegation at a press briefing organised at the party office in Tongi this morning.

Meanwhile, Harun-ur-Rashid, superintendent of Gazipur police, told our staff correspondent that he does not know about this as police headquarters arranged the deployment.

“If the election is held even in a least fair manner, I will win the polls by a respectable margin,” the mayoral aspirant said.

When asked why he is being skeptical about a fair election, Sarker alleged that their leaders and activists are facing mass arrests.

“Our agents are being threatened by police who are saying that either you (BNP’s agents) meet Awami League’s candidate Jahangir Alam or flee the area,” he said adding that there is no security for BNP leaders and activists.

Sarker aspired that the government would fully implement the rules and regulations set by the Election Commission (EC) to oversee the Gazipur city polls.

Awami League mayor candidate Talukder Abdul Khaleque won big in Khulna City Corporation polls held on May 15.

In the Khulna city polls, different irregularities, including staffing of ballots boxes, were rampant. Wearing badges of boat, electoral symbol of the AL, the party men were seen roaming in and around many voting centres creating a sense of intimidation among BNP men and voters.

In most of the centres, agents of BNP mayoral candidate Nazrul Islam Monju were absent as what the party alleged AL men drove them out from there.