US ambassador’s car attacked in Dhaka

US ambassador’s car attacked in Dhaka

Dhaka, Aug 5 (Just News): The vehicle carrying outgoing US ambassador Marcia Bernicat came under attack by a group of unidentified miscreants as it left the residence of Badiul Alam Majumder, secretary of civil society advocacy group SHUJAN, on Saturday night.

The US Ambassador was attending a courtesy dinner at Dr Majumder's house in the capital's Iqbal Road in Mohammadpur area. As she was leaving around 11 PM, a group of miscreants gave a chase and threw bricks at the car she was in, said Majumder.

“As her car got away, the miscreants turned their attention to my house and hurled bricks at my house,” Majumder added.

The Shujan secretary, however, said they were unable to identify any of the attackers, or tell if they had been waiting to attack the US envoy’s car, or happened to be just passing by.

Inspector (operations) Shariful Islam of Mohammadpur Thana said that they had heard of a house being attacked on Iqbal Road, and sent a team to investigate.

Dr Majumder, however, said they had been unable to contact police over the incident, and were still feeling insecure at the time of filing this report as the miscreants are still positioned outside his house.