Govt condemns attack on US ambassador’s car after 12 days!

Govt condemns attack on US ambassador’s car after 12 days!

Dhaka, Aug 16 (Just News): The ministry of foreign affairs on Thursday condemned the attack on US ambassador’s car after 12 days of the incident and termed it as ‘unfortunate incident’.

In a statement, the ministry said that Bangladesh law enforcing agency had been actively engaged in investigating the incident.

‘Upon completion of the investigation, appropriate actions will be taken,’ said the statement.

The statement also insisted that the government of Bangladesh is ‘committed to ensure safety and security of all Diplomatic Corps in Bangladesh.’

On August 5, the US embassy stated that an official vehicle from the US Embassy transporting its ambassador was attacked by a group of armed adult men, some on motorcycles.

The foreign ministry statement said that the police immediately rushed to the area and provided necessary protection ensuring that the ambassador and the personnel remain unharmed.

Subsequently, the US Embassy expressed its appreciation for the role played by Bangladesh police in ensuring her safety and security.

Earlier, Badiul Alam Majumder, secretary of civil society advocacy group Shujan, said that the vehicle of the outgoing ambassador Bernicat came under attack by a group of unidentified miscreants as it was about to leave his residence at about 11:00 pm on that night.

She attended a courtesy dinner at Majumder’s house at his Iqbal Road residence.