Total bribe equals to 3.4% of nat’l budget

Law enforcement agencies most corrupt: TIB

Law enforcement agencies most corrupt: TIB

Dhaka, Aug 30 (Just News): Law enforcement agencies are the most corrupt among the 16 categories of entities and sectors in Bangladesh, Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) today revealed in its new study.

Among the service sectors, the second most corrupt are Passport sector and Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA), the anti-graft watchdog TIB said in its National Household Survey 2017.

According to TIB, the top seven corrupt entities and sectors are - law enforcement, passport, BRTA, judiciary, land, education, health.

Executive Director of Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) Dr Iftekharuzzaman and TIB Chairperson Sultana Kamal were present at the briefing among others.

According to 2011 national census, total number of households are 3.73 crore in the country. In its latest survey, the TIB has covered 15,581 households to conduct their research.

Overall, around 66.5% households were found to be victims of corruption by the services sector. 72.5% of household surveyed were victims of corruption by the law enforcement agencies, 67.3% by passport sector, 65.4% by BRTA, 60.5% by judiciary, 44.9% by land services, 42.9% by education sector, 42.5% by health sector, 41.6% agriculture, 38.9% by power sector, 38.3% by gas, 26.7% by local government institution, 12.3% insurance sector, 11.1% by tax and levy, 5.7% banking, 5.4% NGO and 22.0% by other miscellaneous sectors.

The households in the country paid an increasing amount of Tk 10688.9 crore bribe in 2017 which was Tk 8,821 crore in 2015.

The total amount of bribe paid by the households is equal to 3.4% of the current national budget, the TIB research said.

According to the TIB research findings, around 72% of household surveyed were victims of corruption by the law enforcement agencies. TIB's research team presented the findings at a press briefing at their Dhaka headquarters today.

Among the surveyed households 60.7% were found to have offered bribe to the law enforcers, TIB said.

When asked about the reasons behind their bribing, 89% households, TIB said that they (households) think without offering bribes they will not get any service.

The amount of estimated per capita bribe stands at Tk 658 which was Tk 533 in 2015.