Threat of chemical attack

Hospitals asked to be ready

Hospitals asked to be ready

Dhaka, Sep 11 (Just News): The health ministry has already given special letters to zilla and special hospitals to be prepared to treat affected people in case of such an emergency.

However, defence specialist, Maj Gen (retd) Abdur Rashid, has dismissed the possibility of a chemical attack. Director of the health department, Professor Dr Kazi Jahangir Hossain, told Bangla Tribune, after getting the letters, we asked all the hospitals to take necessary measures.”

On May 3, a letter stating the possibility of a chemical attack was given to the health ministry from the public safety division of the home ministry and, on Aug 26, letters asking for necessary measures to be taken were sent to district hospitals and divisional medical colleges.

The letter gives five directives: 1. A special medical team to be established at all hospitals to treat possible victims of chemical attack; 2. Stock essential medicines in a small amount; 3. Keep the ambulance active; 4. Keep the generator active for alternative power source; 5. Arrange special training for medical team.

“We have already visited 100 hospitals of a total of 116; visit to three hospitals will be carried out soon,” conformed Professor Jahangir.

The hospitals are preparing for any chemical attack based emergency, he assured.
Defence analyst, Abdur Rashid, told Bangla Tribune, “Getting hold of chemical agent is difficult and the chemical attack in Japan’s underground was done by militants.”

However, Bangladesh will go to national polls soon and some radical body may decide to create a state of anarchy, but the chances of a chemical attack are slim, he added.-Bangla Tribune