Freight train derailed in Tejgaon

Freight train derailed in Tejgaon

Dhaka, Nov 14 (Just News) : A Chittagong-bound freight train, leaving Kamalapur Railway Station, derailed in Tejgaon early Wednesday (Nov 14).

There are no injuries associated with the derailment.

The derailment has resulted in a lone track for use from Kamalapur to Tejgaon.

Each of the trains scheduled on the route are facing 2 to 3 hours of delay.

Railway employees are working at the site.

Kamalapur Railway Station manager Shitangshu Chakrabarty told Banglanews that train movement will be normal as soon as possible as restoration work is underway.

However, a compartment of the freight train was reported to be derailed around 5am.