Khaleda Zia treating as general prisoner

Khaleda Zia treating as general prisoner

Dhaka, Feb 11 (Just News): Inspector General of Prisons Syed Iftekhar Uddin said Khaleda Zia is kept as a general prisoner, because providing division facilities are the court’s jurisdiction.

In the jail code current lawmakers and former presidents only get division facilities, Iftekhar told journalists during a press briefing at Directorate of Prisons in Bakshibazar of Dhaka.

According to the 1964 and 2006 jail code, there is no mention of former prime minister enjoying division facilities in the jail, he said

However, given her social status and her physical condition, the three-time prime minister is enjoying certain facilities that are not provided to general prisoners, the official said.

Meanwhile, asked about a Dhaka court order passed today that directed the jail authorities to provide Khaleda Zia with the facilities of first class division as per the provision of the jail code, the IG prisons said around 1:44pm, “We have not received any copy of the court order yet.”