BNP says

Govt will bow to demand of polls under neutral body

Govt will bow to demand of polls under neutral body

Dhaka, Apr 14 (Just News): Citing an oblique reference to the government's “defeat” before demands of quota reform, BNP today says it sees hope of next general election under a nonparty and neutral government.

"No movement with legitimate demand goes in vain. People's movement to restore democracy and to ensure voting rights will not end in futility," BNP Senior Secretary General Rizvi Ahmed said at the press conference at the party's Nayapaltan central office in Dhaka.

Claiming that the government was forced to bow before the quota reformists, the BNP leader said it will do the same in arranging the next general election under a neutral government.

Alleging that the government has sent BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia to jail in a politically motivated case, Rizvi said it is a part of plan to grab the state power without any election.

Warning that no election will be allowed in the country with Khaleda Zia out of the process, Rizvi said the government will have to ensure immediate release of Khaleda and pave the path of holding election under a nonparty management.

"Otherwise, we, the people will wait no more," Rizvi sounded in a note of caution.