Break hands, legs of anyone promoting anarchy: Nanak

Break hands, legs of anyone promoting anarchy: Nanak

Chapainawabganj, Sep 25 (Just News): The BNP and other political parties were joining forces to prevent any election in Bangladesh and stop the Awami League from returning to power, said the ruling party’s Joint General Secretary, Jahangir Kabir Nanak.

“They are the enemies of democracy, humanity, religion, farmers, and labourers,” Nanak said at a rally in Chapainawabganj on Tuesday, referring to the past activities of the BNP and its ally Jamaat-e-Islami.

He warned that a certain alliance could be planning to create unrest during the next national election with the pretext of supporting the BNP-Jamaat alliance. He ordered the ruling party activists to tackle such situations.

Nanak told his party activists to “break the hands and legs” of people creating unrest.

“A known sinister force is trying to join politics with the pretext of unity. They fail at demonstrations, they are defeated in elections, and their election deposits are forfeited. They are afraid of the forces who believe in the spirit of the Liberation War,” the Awami League leader said.

He said the ruling party knew who are behind this sinister force.

Nanak said the party will only nominate honest and capable candidates and called on Awami League to unite and work for the party to ensure victory.

A number of nomination seekers showed their popularity when they attended Tuesday’s rally with their supporters. Local political leaders and activists say they view the enthusiasm as a positive sign. They say it will have a good impact on the elections.