Alleges the party’s Secretary General

BNP’s popular leaders facing arrests, threats

BNP’s popular leaders facing arrests, threats

Dhaka, Nov 19 (Just News): BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir alleged, police are arresting the party’s leaders who are highly likely to win in the general elections.

“After declaration of the polls schedule, arbitrary arrests and nameless cases against our activists have increased,” he told the media this morning.

“Especially, our popular leaders who have high chances of winning in the elections are being arrested and kept behind bars without bail,” Fakhrul claimed.

He alleged, it is all part of the government’s technique to gain a political edge ahead of the general elections taking place on December 30.

“They are threatening our leaders over phone, seeking money from them. This is tarnishing the election atmosphere of the country,” Fakhrul said.

He asserted, it is the duty of the Election Commission to create a level-playing field and a congenial atmosphere, and take responsibility of the government.

Fakhrul was speaking at the Gulshan office of BNP Chairperson Khaleda Zia, during the interview session of the party’s nomination aspirants today.