2018 to be the year of Khaleda Zia, people: BNP

2018 to be the year of Khaleda Zia, people: BNP

Dhaka, Dec 30 (Just News): The Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP) secretary general, Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir, said on Saturday his party is getting confident for various reasons about returning to power through the 11th parliamentary polls.

"We'll surely join the polls along with our chairperson Khaleda Zia... 2018 will be the year of Khaleda Zia, BNP, Tarique Rahman, and mass people as we're with people," he said.

Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader further said, "We've been on a movement, and will carry it on in the days to come, and will definitely establish a pro-people government in 2018. We're getting hopeful for various reasons."

Jatiyatabadi Krishak Dal arranged the programme at the National Press Club, marking its 37th founding anniversary.

Fakhrul said the government must arrange the next election under a non-party neutral administration to conduct it by an independent and impartial election commission with the participation of all parties. "The election will have to be fair and credible through which our leader Khaleda Zia will again be elected the prime minister."

He urged the BNP leaders and activists to strengthen their organisational activities alongside getting ready for a movement and the next general election.

Referring to Gana Forum president Kamal Hossain's recent remark that a national unity is crucial now to unseat the current 'dangerous' government, the BNP leader said, "We feel good that he could finally realised it as we've long been talking about it."

He said the country's existence and its independence and sovereignty will be at stake if the 'despotic and fascist' government can't be removed.

"That's why, we must forge a national unity to install a pro-people government."

Fakhrul said the government has destroyed all the institutions, including parliament, administration and judiciary, in a planned way only to hang onto power and turn the country into a failed state.

He accused the government of deceiving people by creating a smokescreen of development and spreading false information.

The BNP leader said the government has ruined the economy and the financial institutions, including banks through widespread plundering and corruption.

"Corruption is now rampant in every sector and everywhere. We must change this situation and realise our rights through a movement."