Haley’s remarks at a UNSC meeting on Syria

Haley’s remarks at a UNSC meeting on Syria

New York, Mar 28 (Just News): Ambassador Nikki Haley, U.S. Permanent Representative to the United Nations, delivered remarks this morning at a UN Security Council briefing on the humanitarian situation in Syria.

“Siege. Starve. And surrender. This is the awful, unceasing rhythm of the Syrian war. As we meet here today, the third step – surrender – is taking place in eastern Ghouta. After years of enduring siege and starvation, residents are surrendering eastern Ghouta. The terrible irony of this moment must be stated and acknowledged: in the 30 days since the Security Council demanded a ceasefire, the bombardment of the people of eastern Ghouta has only increased. And now, at the end of the so-called ceasefire, eastern Ghouta has nearly fallen.”

“If we were upholding our responsibility as a Security Council, we would pass a resolution today recognizing the reality of what happened in eastern Ghouta. A responsible Security Council would condemn Syrian authorities, along with Russia and Iran, for launching a military offensive to seize eastern Ghouta the same day that we called for a ceasefire.”

“We cannot take these actions because Russia will stop at nothing to use its permanent seat on this Council to shield its ally Bashar Al-Assad from even the faintest criticism. And we cannot take these actions because instead of calling out how Assad, Russia, and Iran made a mockery of our calls for a ceasefire, too many members of this Council wanted to wait. This is a travesty. This should be a day of shame for every member of this Council. And it should be a lesson about what happens when we focus on fleeting displays of unity, instead of on what’s right. For those who think otherwise, the people of eastern Ghouta deserve an explanation.”