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09 November 2017, Thursday
Khaleda Zia says
I won’t do politics of vengeance against Hasina
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Dhaka, Nov 9 (Just News): BNP Chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia today said that she would not indulge in politics of vengeance against her political archrival Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina despite her abusive remarks against Ziaur Rahman’s family members.

“Sheikh Hasina used abusive and vulgar words against the family members of Shaheed president Ziaur Rahman. Despite this, I pardoned her. I will not indulge in politics of vengeance against her,” Khaleda said.

The former prime minister said this while delivering her self-defense statement before a makeshift court in Bakshibazar area of Dhaka in connection with Zia Orphanage Trust corruption case.

Khaleda Zia said her party has been trying to create a congenial atmosphere instead of politics of vengeance in a bid to build a healthy political culture in the country but failed.

“Now, healthy politics and congenial political atmosphere are very important for democracy so that the future generation can take good lesson from it,” Khaleda Zia stressed the need.

Claiming that she has announced her party’s Vision 2030 to find out solutions on different issues through compromise, Khaleda Zia said, “I have shown political kindness by doing so but people are witnessing in which manner I am being paid.”

Khaleda Zia, however, said she personally forgave Sheikh Hasina though she constantly made indecent remarks about Zia and his other family members and show her hostile attitude towards them. “I won’t show any vindictive attitude towards her.”

The BNP chief said there is a perception that a verdict will be given against her as per the ruling quarter's desire. “But I want to believe that you (judge) will do justice with your courage and honesty as per the law rising above the government's influence.”

She further said, “Though it's claimed that our judiciary is completely independent, some recent incidents have been putting the credibility of the assertion into questions regularly... this case will expose whether the judges can conduct trial proceedings lawfully and independently guided by their conscience.”

Khaleda Zia urged the judge to deliver verdict in the case based on good sense, wisdom, farsightedness, guts, and integrity. “This case will be a vital element of history. It would be cleared in the days to come whether you could take the right decision guided by the law and your conscience.”

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