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09 November 2017, Thursday
BDR carnage
Verdict on death reference, appeals Nov 26
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Dhaka, Nov 9 (Just News): The High Court (HC) will deliver its verdict on November 26 on the death reference and appeals in BDR carnage case.

A three-member special bench of the HC today set the date for delivering the verdict in the case.

The bench of Justice Md Shawkat Hossain, Justice Md Abu Zafor Siddique and Justice Nazrul Islam Talukder earlier on April 13 kept the case waiting for verdict after hearing arguments on the death reference and appeals in the case for 370 days.

The death reference and the appeals were filed with the HC months after a Dhaka court announced the verdict on November 5, 2013, nearly five years after the bloody mutiny.

The trial court gave death sentences to 150 BDR soldiers and two civilians, and jailed 160 others for life for their roles and involvement in the massacre.

It also handed down rigorous imprisonment to 256 people, mostly BDR soldiers. The court acquitted the remaining 277 accused, but the government later appealed against acquittal of 69 of them.

Seventy-four people, including 57 army officials, were killed during the BDR (Bangladesh Rifles) mutiny on February 25-26 in 2009 at the Pilkhana headquarters of the paramilitary force, later renamed Border Guard Bangladesh (BGB).

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