Girls shine in pass rate  

Girls shine in pass rate   

Female students have shown better results—in both pass rate and scoring a GPA 5—in the Secondary School Certificate (SSC), and equivalent examinations, this year.

The female students’ pass rate is 83.28%; while it is 81.13% for boys, the official results show.

This year, the combined pass rate is 82.20% for the SSC and equivalent examinations in all eight general education, madrasa, and vocational boards.

A total of 53,484 female students secured GPA 5; while 52,110 boys scored the same.

A total of 882,224 female students passed the exams with an 83.28% success rate.

Some 866,941 male students passed the exams with an 81.13% success rate.

This year, a total of 2,127,815 students took the SSC and equivalent examinations.