Julia Louis-Dreyfus reflects on her battle with cancer

Julia Louis-Dreyfus reflects on her battle with cancer

Dhaka, Sep 5 (Just News): Julia Louis-Dreyfus has opened up about her breast cancer diagnosis, saying that after undergoing treatment for it she feels quite "different".

The 57-year-old Emmy-winning actor and "Seinfeld" alum was diagnosed with breast cancer last year.

The news led to a halt in the production on the final season of the HBO series "Veep" as she underwent treatment. Last month, the actor returned to work.

Speaking with InStyle in an interview, Louis-Dreyfus said she has emerged as a changed person after her battle with the disease.

"I do feel different, but I can't quite articulate how. I've come out the other side of this, and I'm still not exactly sure how to define the difference other than to say I'm grateful, of course, but it's more than that. It's bigger," she said.

The actor said she is focussing on her future and does not intend to look back for even a bit.

"I'm not someone who likes looking back. I look forward. That's how I operate. We'll finish an episode, and I am just ready for the next thing. I'm always just moving on, you know?" Louis-Dreyfus said.