2 Bangladeshis win awards at Kashmir

2 Bangladeshis win awards at Kashmir

Dhaka, Dec 6 (Just News): Bangladeshi film 'Haldaa', directed by Tauquir Ahmed, has clinched the Best Feature Film (Fiction) award at the 4th Kashmir World Film Festival.

Haldaa was not the only film by a Bangladeshi to make a splash at this year's KWFF. The film is the reflection of life around the river Haldaa. Their culture, lifestyle and language were presented in the movie.

The Fear of Silence' (Bhoy) by Zuairijah Mou, won the award for Best Short Fiction.

Short Fiction (Jury's Special) award was won by ‘The Illusion Seller' (Khayolfurush) by Sharofat M. Arabova-Singh of Tajikistan.

The award for best film in the 'Kashmir Section' was won by 'The Stitch' (Teab) by Aasiya Zahoor.