Barrymore recreates childhood looks

Barrymore recreates childhood looks

Dhaka, Dec 29 (Just News): Drew Barrymore took a trip down memory lane by recreating some of her childhood looks for a magazine.

The actress is on multiple covers of InStyle's February 2018 edition.

"We are recreating looks from a very specific time period in my life from when I'm about five to 10, which would be about 1980 to 1985," Barrymore told the magazine, reports

Holding a photograph of herself in a pink hat, Barrymore explains that it is an image of her from a photo shoot in 1984 when she was nine.

There was one from 1983 too.

"This was me in 1983 at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles where the Golden Globes take place every year at the mother-daughter fashion show... But I'm dressed like the mother," the actress said.

"I loved when I first unearthed this photo because I was like, 'Are you kidding me that is my daughter Olive's body'. Like genetics are crazy, this is Olive, 100 per cent."