Covid-19: Global confirmed cases cross 11mn

Covid-19: Global confirmed cases cross 11mn

The global Covid-19 confirmed cases reached 11,239,378 on Sunday morning while deaths from the disease topped 530,110, according to the Centre for System Science and Engineering of the Johns Hopkins University (JHU).

According to JHU data, Brazil has come up to the second position after the US with 1,577,004 cases and 64,265 deaths as of Sunday.

Meanwhile, Russia has counted the third highest Covid-19 cases- 673,564 till date

while India come down to the fourth position after Russia with 648,315 Covid-19 cases. The country has so far reported 18,655 deaths.

Among the countries, the US has been the worst-hit with the highest recorded deaths of 129,973 patients and about 2,838,678 confirmed cases.

In the US, New York State alone counted 32,157 deaths till date.

Millions of people came out of home after over three months in England as lockdown restrictions were eased. Several other European countries have done so.

Coronavirus cases were first reported in China in December last year.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) declared the coronavirus crisis a pandemic on March 11.