US thanks Libya for destruction of its Chemical Weapons

US thanks Libya for destruction of its Chemical Weapons


Washington, Jan 13 (Just News): Statement from the White House Press Secretary on Libya’s successful destruction of its Chemical Weapons stockpile:

The United States congratulates Libya for destroying the last remnants of its Qadhafi-era chemical weapons stockpile and satisfying its obligations under the Chemical Weapons Convention.

We also gratefully recognize the key contributions of Denmark, Germany, Canada, the United Kingdom, Finland, Italy, Malta, France, and Spain, and the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, in ensuring the proper destruction of these dangerous chemicals and protecting the integrity of the Convention.

This achievement demonstrates the great progress the international community can make when all nations work together. There is more work to do.

The United States calls on Syria to eliminate all chemical weapons, to dismantle fully its chemical weapons program, and to ensure that these weapons can no longer be used against the Syrian people.