Covid-19: Record highest 83 deaths in one day

Covid-19: Record highest 83 deaths in one day

Bangladesh has recorded the highest deaths, yet again, on Monday as 83 people died of the novel coronavirus over the last 24 hours.

The daily death rate has broken all previous records for three consecutive days. On Sunday, the highest death single-day toll was recorded with 78 deaths since the first Covid-19 death in Bangladesh on March 18, 2020. A day before, it was 77.

Meanwhile, 7,219 tested positive between over the same time, taking the total number of infections to 691,957.

The latest figures were published by the Directorate General of Health Services on Monday.

The death toll in the country currently stands at 8,523 with a mortality rate of 1.42%.


With Monday’s single-day deaths, the moving average of the daily number of deaths shot up to 72. (Moving average = 1 week’s data/7)