14-day stricter Covid restrictions across Bangladesh from Friday

14-day stricter Covid restrictions across Bangladesh from Friday

The government of Bangladesh is going to impose the ‘strictest’ 14-day restrictions on public movement and businesses from Friday to contain the spread of Covid infection across the country.

The restrictions, From July 23 to August 5, would be stricter than earlier ones, state minister for public administration Farhad Hossain told journalists on Thursday.

If the restrictions are implemented strictly for the 14 days, the rate of infections will be reduced, he said.

If otherwise, the restrictions would be extended, he added.

Earlier, the government on July 13 relaxed the restrictions for eight days from July 14 midnight to 6:00am on July 23, reopening all businesses and public transports for the celebration of Eid-ul-Azha, movement of people, pre-Eid business activities and also for keeping economic activities normal.

The decision had been taken despite concerns that such relaxation would further worsen the Covid situation which kept deteriorating especially since June.

‘As all the offices, garments factories and all export oriented industries will be closed during these restrictions, this time the restrictions will be stricter,’ said Farhad Hossain.

He said that the offices and garment factories would remain closed this time and people would not have any need to go outside.

Besides members of Bangladesh police, Border Guard Bangladesh and Bangladesh Army personnel will be deployed in the field to enforce the restriction, he continued.

The state minister also said that the people who had already gone home should come back after August 5 as they knew that their workplaces would remain closed during the upcoming restrictions.

People’s support is necessary to reduce the rate of infection and, for that, they will have to stay at home, he said.

He urged the countrymen not to go outside without an emergency and said that, if anyone need to go out of home for any emergency, he or she would have to wear mask.

Farhad Hossian said that if the ‘strict lockdown’ could be implemented for the next 14 days, the rate of infection would certainly be reduced and managing the pressure of patients in hospitals would be easier.

The government on June 30 ordered the countrywide restrictions from July 1 for a week, shutting all government and non-government offices except the ones involved in emergency services and all motorised public transports.

The ‘strict restrictions’ were later extended till July 14 amid widespread violations.

The Covid pandemic has so far claimed the lives of 18,498 people and infected 11,36,503 others across Bangladesh so far.