Reclaiming voters’ trust: EC unveils action plan

Reclaiming voters’ trust: EC unveils action plan

Election Commission (EC) has released its action plan for the upcoming 12th parliamentary elections by fixing its challenges, which includes gaining confidence of all political parties to ensure participation of all political parties.

The commission released the action plan at a programme held at The Election Building today (September 14, 2022).

Senior Election Commissioner Ahsan Habib Khan spoke as the chief guest as Chief Election Commissioner Kazi Habibul Awal was not present there due to illness.

Ahsan Habib said the main objective of formulating the action plan is to ensure free, fair, neutral, acceptable and participatory elections.

"We are facing a lot of questions and we are in a lot of lack of confidence. With our action plan, we have proved that we have moved forward to gain confidence to some extent," he added.

The action plan outlines the challenges to holding a fair election, what the EC should do to overcome them, how to look into party activity, and how to use technology more frequently. A potential schedule of when and what activities will be done has also been shared by the commission in addition to this.