39th special BCS viva Oct 10-26

39th special BCS viva Oct 10-26

Dhaka, Oct 2 (Just News): Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC) has fixed the date for the viva voce of 39th (special) BCS for doctors from October 10 to 26.

The viva voce of the qualified candidates will be held at the BPSC office in Dhaka, according to a BPSC press release dated on September 27.

The registration number-wise detailed schedule of the exam is available on the BPSC website.

A total of 13700 candidates have passed the written test to qualify for the viva voce, PSC sources said.

The 39th (special) Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) is for recruitment to the position of 4,542 doctors and 250 dental surgeons. A total of 39,954 aspirants had applied for the test.