CID to match DNA of Chawkbazar victims today, tomorrow

CID to match DNA of Chawkbazar victims today, tomorrow

Criminal Investigation Department (CID) will be profiling the DNA of the unidentified victims of Chawkbazar fire for handing over the bodies.

CID will collect DNA samples of the families claiming missing persons at Dhaka Medical College Hospital for cross matching starting from 11:00am today.

Md Rajibul Islam, Dhaka district’s assistant deputy commissioner, confirmed development. He said, DNA samples of the corpses have already been collected.

Morgue sources have confirmed that CID had reached the scene to collect DNA samples from the blood relatives.

Shahjadi Sultana, a fire service officer at the central information desk at DMCH, told the bodies will be handed over after DNA profiling.

The cross matching will be done today and tomorrow, Abdullah Al Mamun, data entry operator at CID’s DNA laboratory, told.

Today’s matching will be held at Dhaka Medical College. Tomorrow, the matching will be done at CID office in Dhaka’s Malibagh, he said.