Ershad on life support

Ershad on life support

Jatiya Party Chairman Hussain Mohammad Ershad has been put on life support at the Combined Military Hospital.

"Former president HM Ersahd was put on life support at 4:10pm Thursday," said his deputy press secretary Khandaker Delwar Jalali.

Earlier in the morning, Ershad's younger brother and acting party chairman GM Quader said the party president's condition has remained unchanged for the last three days.

"His condition is not improving as per the doctor's expectations, hence flying abroad for better treatment is not feasible at present," he told reporters during a press briefing at the party chairman’s Banani office at 12pm on Thursday.

"The doctors of the Combined Military Hospital (CMH) are relentlessly providing him with world-class treatment, consulting both local and international doctors. If the doctors feel the need to call foreign experts, we will do this too,” GM Quader added.

However, Ershad's infections in the lung and kidney are not improving, increasing the water level in his body, the JaPa acting chairman further said.

GM Quader urged the people to pray for Ershad's early recovery at all places of worship, including mosques, temples, churches and pagodas.

Ershad, now 89, was given oxygen support when his health condition deteriorated on Sunday.

On June 27, Ershad was admitted to CMH in Dhaka. He is being treated there for several infections.