Police HQ issues press note

Do not take law in your own hand

Do not take law in your own hand

Police Headquarters today issued a press note asking people not to take the law in their own hands out of confusion by paying heed to the rumour of child-lifting in the name of human sacrifice required for building the Padma Bridge.

“Don’t be confused by paying heed to the child-lifting rumour and also do not take the law in your own hands through mob attack on anyone. It’s a criminal offence,” the Police Headquarters made the call in the press note sent by its Assistant Inspector General (media) Sohel Rana.

The Police Headquarters noticed that a rumour that human sacrifice is required for Padma Bridge is being dished out and incidents of mob beatings have taken place at different parts of the country centring the issue over allegations of child-lifting, the press note said.

Some people have already been killed in separate incidents of mob beating, the press note also said, adding that an attempt is on to create a volatile situation in the country by spreading lies.

Such attempts are anti-state activities, it added.

The act of killing people in mob attack is also a criminal offence and thus police have taken all the incidents into their accounts to bring the people engaged in such activities under the purview of the legal process, the press note said.

The countrymen have been asked to hand over these people to the law enforcers without killing or beating them, it added.