Onions selling for Tk 250 per kg

Onions selling for Tk 250 per kg

Traders are seen selling onions at Karwan Bazar, Dhaka on Friday.

The onion market is in turmoil after India stopped its export to Bangladesh. But in the last few days, the price has broken all record and on Friday (Nov 15), onions were being sold at kitchen markets in the capital for Tk 250 per kg.

In the last four days, the hike has been almost double. This has also had an impact on other vegetables.

Traders say that on Wednesday (Nov 13), onions were Tk 140-150 which jumped to Tk 250-260 on Friday.

A trader at Karwan Bazar, Arafat Hossain, says that 5 kg is being sold for Tk 1200. The same is seen at other markets in Malibagh, Khilgaon and others.
Prices are rising in the vegetables market too.

At Khilgaon kitchen market, each kg of beans is selling for Tk 70, tomatoes for Tk 100-110, aubergine Tk 70, carrots Tk 100.

The price of cucumber has seen a sudden surge with price reaching up to Tk 100-130 per kg.