Family of coronavirus infected Bangladeshi in Singapore to get $10,000

Family of coronavirus infected Bangladeshi in Singapore to get $10,000

The Migrant Workers' Centre (MWC) will donate $10,000 to the family of a 39-year-old Bangladeshi worker in Singapore, who tested positive for the coronavirus on February 8.

The donation will be sent through a telegraphic bank transfer and it comprises contributions from the worker's employer Yi-Ke Innovations, The Leo dormitory operator Mini-Environment Services, and the MWC, reports The Straits Times.

"It has been a distressing period of time for his family as he is the sole breadwinner," the MWC said in a Facebook post on Monday.

The worker, who was staying at The Leo dormitory in Kaki Bukit, was the 42nd case of coronavirus of Singapore.

The centre had contacted his family through his employer soon after he was hospitalized, and has been providing them with updates on his condition.

"We hope that the timely updates could offer them some comfort and solace during this period of time," the MWC added.

The $10,000 assistance package will help the worker's family to take care of urgent purchases or payments associated with day-to-day expenses or other financial needs, the centre said.

The government will bear the cost of the worker's medical treatment during his stay in hospital. Four other Bangladeshi workers have also been infected with the coronavirus.

The MWC said it has been receiving offers of donations to help migrant workers who are hospitalized.

China reported 409 new cases on the mainland, from 648 a day earlier, taking the total number of infections to 77,150 cases as of February 23. The death toll rose by 150 to 2,592.