CAB to govt

Reconsider bus fare hike

Reconsider bus fare hike

The Consumers Association of Bangladesh (CAB) has urged the government to reconsider its decision to raise bus fare by 60 percent amid the coronavirus pandemic.

In a message on Tuesday, CAB President Ghulam Rahman said that the increased fare, effective from June 1, is unacceptable considering the current situation.

In most cases, the bus owners are charging more and even double the fare from passengers, CAB said.

It said most of the people have been struggling for more than two months without any income and hence, there is no reason to burden passengers with extra fare to reimburse transport owners.

CAB said that the government-proposed safety measures and keeping 50 percent seats empty are not going to be followed.

The association said the safety of the passengers in the actual context is not ensured and the increased fare is not favouring the passengers.

Bangladesh Road Transport Authority (BRTA) recommended raising bus fare by 60 percent from its previous announcement of 80 percent.

Bus owners have been directed to carry passengers half of its seating capacity and take safety measures to prevent the transmission of coronavirus.

CAB suggested providing the public transport sector with incentives or subsidy so that the owners can avoid losses. It also suggested low-interest bank loans for the transport owners.

The association pointed out the fall in fuel price in the international market and said the burden of increased fare could be avoided if the fuel price in the local market is adjusted to the global market.