‘BCL activists’ pounce on boycotters, target Nur

‘BCL activists’ pounce on boycotters, target Nur

Alleged activists of Chhatra League have assaulted opposition activists at Dhaka University, especially targeting Ducsu’s VP-elect Nurul Haque Nur.

The opposition activists were parading for a re-election to Dhaka University Central Students’ Union (Ducsu), when the attack took place around 2:00pm.

Nur, freshly back from hospital after yesterday’s attack, was at the rally.

Our staff correspondent reports from the spot, a group of youths went charging at the activists who were speaking to journalists after demonstration at TSC.

The assaulters were shouting slogans, crying out against Nur and that he would not be allowed to enter Dhaka University campus. They beat up activists and threw brickbats.

A student holds a poster while staging a demonstration demanding a re-election to Ducsu. The photo is taken on Tuesday, March 12, 2019. Photo: Palash Khan

The opposition activists including leftists, independents, quota reformists and even BNP’s JatiyatabadiChhatra Dal who were there at the moment, were dispersed.

Later, the activists brought out another protest rally at campus in protest of the attack they said were carried out by the activists of Bangladesh Chhatra League.

Previously, Chhatra League activists were demonstrating near the vice chancellor’s residence today demanding expulsion of Nur and refusing him as the VP of Ducsu.