Dr Kamal urges for dialogue to deal with disasters

Dr Kamal urges for dialogue to deal with disasters

Gono Forum President Dr Kamal Hossain has urged the government to hold a national dialogue to fight calamities like flood and dengue.

He made the comment at a press briefing at Jatiya Press Club in Dhaka on Monday.

He lamented that such disasters were not being recovered as democracy remained absent in the country.

Kamal emphasized that is why democracy is needed.

In the press briefing, Gono Forum Executive President Professor Abu Sayeed read out a written statement.

In the statement, he complained that the government was producing only empty rhetoric in the name of giving relief to flood victims in the country.

He said a relief team of the party, led by its Presidium Member Major General (retd) AMSA Amin, was working in Kurigram for the past few days where no relief has reached the remote areas as yet.

There has been no food, medicine or safe drinking water for the flood-affected people, while aid agencies were not also active this time, Abu Sayeed said.

The government allocated only 1.12 paisa for each person, 66 grams of rice and 3,000 packets of dry food for 12 lakh flood victims in the last 10 days, he stated.

"It's a farce in the name of relief," he added.