AL no longer represents independence: BNP

AL no longer represents independence: BNP

Accusing the ruling party of destroying the Liberation War spirit, BNP senior leader Moudud Ahmed on Tuesday said Awami League no longer represents the country’s independence as it is filled with intruders.

“Awami League, I think, has no as many freedom fighters as BNP has. They (AL) themselves are saying their party is filled with intruders. This means intruders are with them, not freedom fighters,” he said.

Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader further said, “When they admit their party is now filled with intruders, we can say Awami League no longer represents the independence. Instead, they’re governing the country fully destroying the Liberation War spirit.”

Jatiyatabadi Muktijoddha Dal arranged the discussion at the Jatiya Press Club, marking what it calls the ‘National Revolution and Solidarity Day’ commemorating the 'civil-military uprising' on November 7, 1975.

Moudud, a BNP standing committee member said Awami League has redefined the Liberation War spirit. “As per their new definition, the Liberation War spirit means establishing one-party rule, running the country usurping power through vote rigging, snatching the independence of the judiciary, the rule of law and the freedom of press.”

He said though there is no politics and opposition party now in the country, the government is in an uncomfortable situation as instability is prevailing everywhere because of its misrule. “The corruption and repression of the government reached such a level that their misdeeds will ensure their fall.”

The way the country is now run, Moudud said, a situation may create which will force people to take to the streets spontaneously to oust the government.

He criticised did Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina for what he said taking a position in favour of the ‘corrupt’ Jahangirnagar University VC going against students. “How is it possible for a politician to talk against a student movement? What’s the reason behind having so much attraction to the VC?”

The BNP leader said there are corruption allegations against 11 VCs of public universities. “The VCs are supposed to be the persons of ideal to the students. But students don’t respect them due to their indulgence in corruption.”