BNP satisfied with Holey Artisan attack verdict : Mirza Alamgir

BNP satisfied with Holey Artisan attack verdict : Mirza Alamgir

BNP Secretary General Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir today expressed satisfaction over the verdict of the Holey Artisan café attack case saying that he is happy with the verdict.

“We welcome the verdict. We hope, we all will remain alert so that such type of incident cannot take place again in the country,” Fakhrul said while addressing a programme at the National Press Club in Dhaka this noon.

Showing a cause of emergence of the militancy, Fakhrul said such type of insurgent attack takes place when people’s democratic rights are curbed.

Claiming that the militant insurgency has been destroying the human civilisation, Fakhrul said the government has pushed the country, during its 10 to 12 years of administration, at a situation that can never be called a democratic one.

“Design to turn the country into an utterly undemocratic and failed one has almost been drawn,” Fakhrul said.

Fakhrul said Awami League Presidium Member Mhammed Nasim has criticised BNP as the party did not come up with any comments soon after announcement of the verdict in the Holey Artisan café attack case.

“It is not right. We first made a call to form a national unity soon after the Holey Artisan café attack to deal with the issue strong handedly,” he said.

Seven men were sentenced to death by a Dhaka court on Wednesday, for their roles in the July 1, 2016 attack on an upscale café in the heart of the diplomatic quarter which left 22 people, mostly foreigners, dead.