BPSA Statement on journos: BFUJ, DUJ express concern

BPSA Statement on journos: BFUJ, DUJ express concern

The Bangladesh Federal Union of Journalists (BFUJ) and Dhaka Union of Journalists (DUJ) yesterday expressed deep concern over the statement made by the Police Service Association about journalism.

The language in which some leaders and some organisations are reacting after publishing news is a threat to independent journalism, read the joint statement from the two organisations.

"All quarters concerned should refrain from making statements that disrupt the environment of independent journalism. Because, the right to freedom of expression and independent journalism is recognised in the constitution," the statement said.

Earlier on Friday, the Bangladesh Police Service Association (BPSA) in a statement urged journalists to be more cautious and follow the principles of journalism properly while publishing any report about the police force in future.

The BPSA termed the recent media reports on graft allegations against some former and current members of the police force as a smear campaign by the media.

In the statement, the BPSA claimed that the reports being run by print, electronic and social media outlets are partial, motivated, exaggerated and misleading.

Protesting the BPSA statement, the two journalist bodies yesterday said the media published reports on the massive and abnormal amounts of wealth amassed by certain powerful serving and former government officials after much due diligence.

"It is the responsibility of those who publish such news to prove the reports. And those about whom the reports are being published should then prove that these are false if they can," said the statement issued by BFUJ President Omar Faruk, Secretary General Dip Azad and DUJ President Sohel Haider Chowdhury and General Secretary Akter Hossain.

It is the responsibility of the government and authorities concerned to investigate the news and punish the offenders, the statement said.

"It is not befitting to simply blame each other over such matters. Even so, if anyone is offended, they can approach the Press Council. If any official commits corruption, it is his personal matter and not that of the force."

The journalist community will carry on their professional duties based on facts in the face of any threats, said the BFUJ and BUJ leaders.