Black money whitening scope to promote graft: Jamiruddin

Black money whitening scope to promote graft: Jamiruddin

BNP senior leader Jamiruddin Sircar on Friday said that keeping the provision to legalise black money in the proposed budget amounts to ‘promoting corruption’.

‘If black money can be whitened by giving 15 per cent tax, then there is no difference between us, the honest taxpayers, and them (holders of black money),’ he said.

Speaking at a discussion, the BNP leader said that the black money made through corruption should be confiscated instead of giving any chance to legalise. ‘If the black money can be whitened through tax, then you will be encouraged to indulge in dishonesty,’ he said.

Finance minister AH Mahmud Ali on Thursday placed the proposed national budget for financial year 2024-25 in parliament, keeping a provision of legalising undisclosed money by giving a 15 per cent tax.

Two years ago, there was a provision to legalise undisclosed money with a 10 percent tax. However, this provision was later canceled due to a lack of a good response.

After a hiatus of one year, the finance minister has brought back the option by raising the tax from 10 per cent to 15 per cent.

Sircar, a former speaker of the parliament, urged the government to reconsider the scope for whitening black money. ‘Please be cautious to ensure that there remains a distinction between one earning money and another is getting money easily. Earning money does not match with getting money easily...this is my humble request to the government,’ he said.

Bangladesh Sammilita Peshajibi Parishad, a platform of pro-BNP professionals, arranged the discussion program at the National Press Club in memory of former attorney general AJ Mohammad Ali who died on May 2 while undergoing treatment at Mount Elizabeth Hospital in Singapore.

Sircar recalled the contributions of AJ Mohammad Ali to the country’s judiciary and paid tribute to his memory.