US to continue support for free, full, open democracy in Bangladesh: Miller

US to continue support for free, full, open democracy in Bangladesh: Miller Photo: Mushfiqul Fazal, Just News BD

Mushfiqul Fazal, State Department correspondent

The United States reiterates its commitment to supporting free, full, and open democracy in Bangladesh, affirmed the State Department spokesperson on Wednesday. When asked about potential actions the Biden administration might take regarding Bangladesh’s authoritarian leadership under Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina and the challenges faced by its people due to the absence of democracy and the rule of law, the spokesperson emphasized the US stance.

During a briefing at the State Department, journalist Mushfiqul Fazal Ansarey raised the question and also referenced US Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s statement on Bangladesh's Independence Day, wherein the US reaffirmed its dedication to strengthening democratic governance and protecting human rights to enhance Bangladesh's prosperity.

“I don’t have any specific steps to preview with respect to Bangladesh," stated Miller in response to the query. "But we have made clear since the outset of this administration that the promotion of democracy is one of the top priorities for the President, and Secretary Blinken has said it is, of course, one of his top priorities.”

Acknowledging previous exchanges with this correspondent regarding the importance of a free and fair national election before January 7, the State Department principal spokesperson said, “So we continue to make clear in our conversations with the Government of Bangladesh – and you of course – you and I engaged on this matter quite a few times in the leadup to the election – that we wanted to see free and fair elections and we will continue to support free, full, open democracy in Bangladesh.”