Leftists for arrest of bank looters Bacchu, Alamgir

Awami League-led govt ‘looting’ public money, says left-leaning parties

Awami League-led govt ‘looting’ public money, says left-leaning parties

Dhaka, Dec 27 (Just News): Left political party leaders on Wednesday demanded immediate arrest of former BASIC Bank chairman Sheikh Abdul Hye Bacchu and former Farmers’ Bank chairman, also ex-home minister, Muhiuddin Khan Alamgir for their involvement in looting public money.

They also accused the Awami League-led government for ‘looting’ public money specifically from banks and other financial institutions.

Addressing rallies during the parties’ scheduled progamme to lay-siege the Bangladesh Bank headquarters at Motijheel in Dhaka, they slammed the central bank for its failure to take control over the commercial banks.

Communist Party of Bangladesh, Socialist Party of Bangladesh and Democratic Left Alliance organised the programme protesting irregularities in banking sector.

Police, however, intercepted the march at Dainik Bangla intersection, putting barbed-wire barricade.

Protesting police interception, the party leaders hold instant rally where they complained that the government was misusing police to protect the bank looters.

SPB general secretary Khalequzzaman said ruling politicians spent the looted public money for personal development while claimed that they were developing the country.

CPB general secretary Mohammad Shah Alam said Awami League spared no sector from grabbing.

‘Banks, industries, media–everything have been grabbed by AL politicians greedy for public properties,’ he alleged.