BD’s Terrorism, Democracy issue at State Dept Briefing

US remain in close dialogue with BD: Spokesperson Kirby

US remain in close dialogue with BD: Spokesperson Kirby

Special Correspondent from Washington, Oct 7 (Just News): Spokesperson of the US state department John Kirby has said that, we remain in close dialogue with Bangladesh. He said this in a response to a question at daily briefing of state department on Thursday.

Asking a question about recent visit of US Foreign Secretary John Kerry in Bangladesh and what steps Dhaka has taken for fighting international terrorist threat and restoration of democracy by journalist Mushfiqul Fazal, Kirby said that, as the government continues to determine what assistance it requires from the United States, we stand ready to provide that support. Just earlier this year the fifth U.S.-Bangladesh Partnership – at the U.S. – at the fifth U.S.-Bangladesh Partnership Dialogue we announced Bangladesh’s participation in the U.S.

Counterterrorism Partnerships Fund, which will enable Bangladesh and the United States to expand our bilateral counterterrorism partnership and support programs to advance collaboration.

Additionally, we support the Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund, of which Bangladesh is a pilot country. This funding will support grassroots projects to strengthen communities’ resilience to violent extremism. We’re also working with Bangladesh police on community policing projects, to increase economic opportunities for vulnerable youth, and to help community leaders on conflict mitigation, he said.

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