North Korea agrees to shut down missile site, says Moon

North Korea agrees to shut down missile site, says Moon

Seoul, Sep 19 (Just News): Kim Jong-un has agreed to shut down one of North Korea's main missile testing and launching sites, says South Korea's President Moon Jae-in.

After meeting in Pyongyang, the two leaders "agreed on a way to achieve denuclearisation," said Mr Moon.

The agreement was described by Mr Kim as a "leap forward" towards military peace on the peninsula.

Mr Kim also said he hoped to "visit Seoul in the near future" - he would be the first North Korean leader to do so.

The Koreas also plan to link up their railways, allow reunions for families separated by and co-operate on health care.

'Kim to visit Seoul'

Speaking after the signing in Pyongyang, Mr Moon said Mr Kim had "agreed to permanently close the Tongchang-ri missile engine test site and missile launch facility in the presence of experts from relevant nations".

He said Mr Kim had also agreed to shut down the Yongbyon nuclear facility, but only if the US took some reciprocal action.

The two countries will also seek to co-host the 2032 Summer Olympics.

The South's defence minister and the head of the North Korean army also signed an agreement to further reduce military tensions.

The latest signing comes during a three day visit to Pyongyang by Mr Moon.

While it is the first trip to the North Korean capital in a decade by a leader from the South, it is Mr Moon's third meeting with Kim Jong-un since their historic summit in April.-BBC