12th general elections

Real inclusive election not being held: TIB

Real inclusive election not being held: TIB

Transparency International Bangladesh (TIB) executive director Iftekharuzzaman has said an inclusive election in the real sense is not being held this year too.

"This is a matter of concern. An election will be held. Who will go to power will also be determined. But the people's right to vote will not be established. It will be impossible to ensure the confidence of the people ," Iftekharuzzaman told a press conference at the TIB office in Dhanmondi in the capital on Thursday.

The press conference was organised to place 'democracy, good governance and political commitment to practise integrity: TIB recommendations'.

TIB researcher Kawsar Ahmed presented the recommendations. A total of 76 recommendations on nine issues were placed.

The TIB executive director said the recommendations were made at different occasions earlier. They will send recommendations to different political parties this time too.

"The practice of seat-based parliamentary democracy has been carried out. Now time has come to establish proportional representation in parliament. This should be discussed. A free, fair and neutral election is needed for this. There are many elements to this. A reform is required to ensure that the election-time government is free from party influence and interest. The article 70 of the constitution needs to be changed. The representations of marginal people will be ensured in the parliament," Iftekharuzzaman added.

The TIB executive director said the political parties are the most important organisations for democracy, good governance and integrity. They play the key role here as the power is in their hand. Iftekharuzzaman talks about the reform here too.

He also said the allegiance to the party has to be given the priority in the consideration of nomination. If the nomination is given to someone who arrives all of a sudden with money, muscle power or with other identity, the genuine politicians will feel discouraged to remain in politics. The parties have to change this situation.