Nothing to worry about US labour policy: Foreign Minister

Nothing to worry about US labour policy: Foreign Minister

The recently launched US policy on workers' rights is not a reason to worry as the businesses both in Bangladesh and the US are operated by the private sector, said Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen.

"The private sector does not take into consideration the government restrictions. …. They buy products from our country as they get it cheap and the delivery is done on time," he told journalists at the foreign minister today.

He made the comment when asked about a letter sent recently by the Bangladesh embassy in Washington DC to the commerce ministry in Dhaka.

According to the letter, there is a possibility that they might impose trade or visa restrictions on Bangladesh under the newly launched US Presidential memorandum on advancing labour rights.

Momen said there was a fear in the past that if the US withdrew the quota on the imports on Bangladeshi products, the country's progress would be hampered. But the fears unfounded, the exports to the US increased.

"So, there should not be any worries," he said.

Asked about the meeting between US Ambassador to Bangladesh Peter Haas and Foreign Secretary Masud Bin Momen at the state guest house Padma today, Momen said it was a routine meeting.
"He came back from leave. We welcome him."

Asked if Peter Haas had any message for the foreign secretary, Momen said there was nothing as such.