BNP men dying a slow death in prisons: Rizvi

BNP men dying a slow death in prisons: Rizvi

The prisons across the country are being filled up with leaders and activists of the Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). They are falling sick there and dying slowly. 

Ruhul Kabir Rizvi, senior joint secretary general of the BNP, made the allegations in a virtual press briefing on Friday.

He also alleged that in addition to the opposition men, the human rights defenders, journalists, and family members of the protesting people have also been subjected to the state-sponsored torture and harassment. The government is trying to finish its political rivals and critiques through mass crackdown and assault.

Even the ruling party men are not spared if they protest against the prime minister, cabinet members and lawmakers, he said.

Recently, Information and Broadcasting Minister Hassan Mahmud raised a question why the election would be illegal if the BNP boycotts it.

Rizvi responded to the minister’s statement, saying, “Awami League will hold a one-sided election without participation of the BNP and other prominent political parties. Hasan Mahmud, how does the election become legit?”

The BNP leader also said the days of winning elections are gone for Awami League. The ongoing plot for a so-called election is not meant for the voters and the people, rather it is going to be another ‘nasty coronation festival’ for the government.

He accused the government of trying to disband the BNP and of persuading some parties from the BNP-led alliance to join the farcical election.

The BNP leader disclosed that the police arrested more than 215 leaders and activists of the BNP and its associate bodies across the country throughout the last 24 hours.

Besides, some seven cases have been filed accusing more than 875 BNP men during the period, he added.